A new way to reduce waste and improve hygiene of disposable cups

Reduce Waste

Improves Hygiene


Tube and Dimensions

How does it compare with other dispensers?

How it works

1. Move blue lever in direction of arrow

2. Wait for one cup to fall

3. Release lever and get your cup

Office & Home

Testimonials from AMAzon

No double cups at all


I don't normally write reviews but in this case I have to.
This cup dispenser is by far the best dispenser I every had and I had quite a few.
Whoever engineered this dispenser hit the nail on the head. I've had it two weeks now and I still haven't got a double cup no matter how I try it, unbelievable gaurranteed you'll love it.
I wrote this review on my own because that's the way I do things so go for it you'll see for yourself.


Touch free


I ordered this product for work due to our company being an essential company producing many medical components. The other cup dispenser we had you would pull a cup out and several more cups would come out and people would touch the extra cups and put them back in the dispenser, which we want to keep things sanitary and safe. This product dispenses once cup at a time, every time and only gets touched by the person dispensing it.
Clever concept how it turns upside down when dispensed.


My favorite dispenser


I love Dixie cup dispensers… Have used them practically all my life. This is probably the nicest most efficient dispenser I have ever owned. What a joy to simply touch the lever and the cup plops out..
Not even falling to the floor. Love love love it.


 Very cool dispenser


I like the concept of this dispenser and the way that it extracts a single cup at a time and rotates it. Visually, very cool and has inspired my kids to grab a new cup to rinse their mouth or to just drink some water. The only downside is the size of the platform that the cups are attached to. It’s a little wide because of the gears inside that create the flipping motion, but overall it’s a great dispenser. I like the modularity of the silo used to stack the cups. It allows you to use only a few of them if you don’t want it to be that tall. Because it inspires my kids to use cups and drink water, I definitely recommend. Hopefully they can figure out how to make it more condensed and practical in size.


No one else has to touch your cup


I like the way this works!
We have been looking for the perfect cup dispenser and this is it!


Works Perfectly


This is the best cup dispenser. It dispenses one cup at a time every time. The 5 oz. Great Value cups work perfectly.